Akurat B1120MIX3

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Akurat MIX3A On-Camera fixture with colour temperature adjustment between 3200 K and 5600 K, without Battery Adapter

• CRI Ra = 95
• Maximum electric power: 18 W
• Supply voltage: 6–20 V
• Photometric specification:
0,6m - 500/700/1200 lx
1,0m - 190/260/450 lx
1,2m - 140/180/320 lx
1,8m - 70/90/160 lx
2,4m - 45/55/100 lx
• Angle of beam 120°
• Correlated Color Temperature 3200/5600 K
Akurat MIX3A - Small on-camera LED panel with an output of up to 18 W and a tungsten/daylight mixer. No Battery Adapter. CRI 95. Flicker Free. The light is suitable for filming in slow motion at any frame rate.
• This aluminium light is equipped with two sets of diodes – warm 3200 K and cold 5600 K – and emits a soft light of up to 1300 lm and a high CRI, completely free from the flickering effect.

• It allows to control light output as well as to adjust colour temperature by mixing daylight and tungsten light.

• Top-quality components supplied by leading manufacturers of electronics, including dependable IP67 cermet potentiometers, ensure reliable operation and long service life.
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