Cinelex TRX-A

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Cinelex Universal DUAL TX/RX Wireless DMX Transceiver (Anton Bauer / Gold Mont ). Includes Antenna x1 and AC adapter (w/UK/EU/US plugs)

Wireless Protocol:
• Protocol: LumenRadio
• Operational Frequency: 2.4GHz (2402-2480MHz)
• Range: Up to 100m (environment dependent)
• DMX: DMX512, DMX512 (1990) & DMX512-A
• RDM: ANSI E1.20

• DC in 5-30V
• Power Consumption 1W

Size (without Antennae):
• Weight 370g
• Dimensions 155mm x 90m x 65mm (L x W x D)
Cinelex The all-in-one transmitter & receiver enabling wireless control of any DMX-capable light
TRX-A by Cinelex is an all-in-one transmitter & receiver enabling wireless control of any DMX-capable light.

Switching between ‘receive’ or ’transmit’ modes is completed immediately at the touch of a button.

As a receiver, TRX-A mounts directly to a light fixture using its Gold Mount* battery plate. In turn, a battery docked to TRX-A simultaneously supplies power to the light and TRX-A itself.

Once mounted, powered & synchronised – TRX-A receives & relays all signals to the light through the fixture’s DMX input.

In ‘transmit’ mode, TRX-A becomes a wireless DMX transmitter. When tethered to a lighting control desk, the unit wirelessly beams all signals to it synced receivers.

A 5-30V DC input allows continuous power using the including multi-country AC adaptor – ideal when tethered to a control desk.

Manufactured for professionals, TRX-A is constructed from extruded aluminium and is built to withstand tough rental & on-set environments.

LED lights display the status of several functions, including active mode & signal strength.

Full-size 5-pin XLR in & out connectors means integration with existing equipment is seamless and pain-free.

Operating on the LumenRadio protocol, TRX-A is cross-compatible with all Cinelex products.

• UNIVERSAL DMX COMPATIBILITY: Truly universal - control any DMX-capable light fixture regardless of manufacturer.
• INTELLIGENT SYNCING: Quick & easy setup using LumenRadio protocol. Sync transmitter with one or multiple receivers.
• PASS-THROUGH POWER SYSTEM: TRX & light fixture are simultaneously powered by same battery. (V-Mount or Gold Mount)
• DUAL-FUNCTION (TX/RX): Switch ‘Transmit’ & ‘Receive’ modes at the touch of a button - no need for dedicated units.
• PROFESSIONAL READY: Constructed with extruded aluminium - built to withstand tough rental & on-set environments.
STANDARDS COMPLIANT: All Cinelex products meet international regulatory standards including FCC, CE & RohS.

• 1x TX/RX Toggle Select Switch Between ‘Transmit’ & ‘Receive’ Modes
• 1x “SYNC” Button Synchronise TRX with Transmitter or Receiver

• 1x DMX XLR 5-Pin Male
• 1x DMX XLR 5-Pin Female
• 1x V-Mount Battery Plate Male & Female (Gold Mount Optional)
• 1x 2.1mm DC-In Power Socket

LED Indicators:
• 1x “TX” LED ‘Transmit’ Mode Active
• 1x “RX” LED ‘Receive’ Mode Active
• 1x “PWR” LED Power Input Confirmation
• 1x “DMX” LED DMX Input Confirmation
• 1x “LNK” LED Synchronisation Status
• 1x “STA” LED Connection Status
• 4x “SIGNAL STRENGTH” LEDs Signal Strength Indicator (“RX” Mode)