Lowel-Light SLK-9422LBE

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Lowel-Light SlimLight Rifa Pro 2 Kit with Hard Case(1x LC-44EXE, 1x LC-44EC/30, 2x P2-10CE, 2x iP-20, 3x UN-55, 1x ViP-61, 1x GO-84, 1x F1-41, 1x iP-53, MF-D250, Lamps and Filters)

Lowel Light SlimLight™ 1 Rifa 2 Pro Kit. his kits combination of 2 hard & 1 soft light gives a lot of options for run & gun interview lighting, indoors. Try the soft output of the Rifa eX 44 as your key light, and the 2 Pro-lights for fill and hair light.
Or swap them around and use a Pro for hard key with soft Rifa fill, with the other Pro as a back or hair light. Pro-light's focsuing ability and its barn doors give you versatility in beam control.With Slim Litebag LB-24. (58 x 23 x 15 cm)